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Top 10 Most Beautiful Arab Women

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10. Mona Amarsha

The most stunning Mona Amarsha is a well-known Moroccan female singer who was born in 1988. Her tracks are well-known and have won numerous honours. Netizens consider her to be one of Morocco’s most attractive women. She is a member of the Riffian Berber people by nationality. The singer has recorded three albums, all of which have received platinum certification. Mona is particularly well-liked in the Gulf states. Currently, the singer resides in Dubai (UAE). The Khaleeji style, or music for folk dance in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, may be found in this Moroccan singer’s work. Halijis are women’s dances that are frequently performed in groups.

9. Sofia El Marikh

Our Most Desirable Arab Woman for 2009 is as mysterious as the desert dunes and as enchanting as the souks of Marrakech. She is the best that Morocco has to offer. Sofia El Marikh has a slim, polished figure with lovely facial features. But don’t be fooled by her pretty features and gentle voice. Sophia has come a long way since we first saw her on Star Academy Lebanon as the shy Casablanca girl. She is now a mature, sultry, and sensual lady who is not afraid to pursue her desires. This dominatrix is perfectly at peace with her man’s sado-masochistic demands, and she enjoys it! Sofia hasn’t accomplished much in comparison to the other ladies on our list, but that’s just because she’s just getting started in the music industry.

8. Diana Karazon

Diana Karazon is a Jordanian-Palestinian Arab pop singer, TV presenter, and actress who was born in Kuwait in 1983. Diana Samih Curzon is her true name, and she was born in Kuwait. Diana rose to fame after defeating her Syrian competitor Ruida Attiyah in the Arab version of Pop Idol in 2003. She has since gone on to become Jordan’s most successful vocalist. Jordan’s King Abdullah and Queen Rania honoured her for her achievements. Her distinct exotic attractiveness has always piqued the interest of many men.

7. Ameera Al-Taweel

The Saudi Arabian princess is most well-known for her humanitarian efforts. She is one of the world’s most gorgeous royals. Princess Ameera Al Taweel is Aidan bin Nayef Al Taweel’s daughter. She is one of the most desired ladies in the world, aside from her beauty. She is yet another fashionable and stylish royal in the world. To complement the occasion and mood, the Arabian beauty wears beautiful suits and dresses. In 2015, she was the Arabs’ most powerful woman. Ameera was named “The Woman Personality of the Year 2012” in 2012. She is wealthy, progressive, and compassionate. She has pushed for Saudi women’s advancement and empowerment.

6. Myriam Fares

Myriam Fares is next, and she’s another of Saliba’s creations. Myriam Fares seems like a cross between a futuristic Barbarella and a lethal warrior princess, with her sauvage beauty, large hair, and excellent body. It’s like a great mash-up of several cultures. Her strange sci-fi creepiness appeals to us. The bizarre clothes she wears in some of her videos are fascinating, but always sexy. She can even pull off a baggy sirwal! Despite stealing a couple of Shakira’s routines and a few of Janet Jackson’s clothes, she is an excellent dancer who manages to convey an intriguing seductive picture.

5. Cyrine Abdelnour

Cyrine Abdelnour was born in Lebanon, is a well-known singer, actress, and model. She began her modelling career in 1992 and has since worked with a number of well-known fashion designers. In 2004, she published her debut studio album, titled Leila Min Layali. Law Bas Fe Aini, a single from her second album Aleik Ayouni (2006), becoming one of the year’s most popular Lebanese songs. Cyrine has been featured in Arabic TV serials and films since the late 1990s. She is frequently referred to as the most beautiful woman in the Arab world.

4. Amina Kaddur

The exceptional Amina Kaddur, an Algerian model, was born in 1988 and has quickly established herself as one of the best professional models in the Arab fashion industry. She started modelling at the age of 16 years old. Amina has graced the covers of various magazines throughout the world, including Vogue in Europe and So in Japan, among others. Amina also appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine in 2008. She was considered one of the sexiest Arab girls in 2010.

3. Meriam George

Meriam George is an Egyptian model and beauty contest winner who was born in 1987. Miss Egypt 2005, the national beauty contest, she won at the age of 18. Meriam then went on to compete in Miss Universe 2005, Miss Intercontinental 2005 (where she reached the semifinals), and Miss Earth 2006. (she was among 8 finalists). She competed in the Miss Supertalent competition in 2013 and finished as the first runner-up.

2. Haifa Wehbe

A woman who is elected to an Islamist-dominated legislature Going bezerk in Bahrain has to be on our list, right? Hayfa Wehbeh is credited with starting the trend of gorgeous models becoming vocalists. She’s been dubbed the Arab world’s Marilyn Monroe or the Femme Fatale de l’Orient, and the tabloids adore her! In traditional Arabic music videos, Haifa defied all conventions and standards, freely displaying her gorgeous figure on TV with no inhibitions. However, being overly sexual might backfire, and even open-minded and modern spectators may find her exhibitions to be a little too forceful and crass. Her art would not have been harmed by a little sublimation. Her beauty cannot be readily disregarded, even if she is a little too plastic for others. Some may say that she isn’t the most attractive, but everyone agrees that if there were a Third World War, many military boys would rely on Haifa’s pin-up photos to keep them going. Haifa, on the other hand, is more than just pretty; she’s got an attitude. That distinguishes her from other imitators. It’s all about your attitude! We would take nothing less from her for her next acting job than a James Bond girl or one of Dracula’s beautiful wives in a huge Hollywood production after her disastrous debut in a low-budget Egyptian film.

1. Rania Al Abdullah

Rania Al Abdullah is 51 years old, a mother of four children, and Jordan’s Queen. Even at this age, she is stunningly gorgeous and graceful. She is bright, honest, and committed to her humanitarian activities, which makes her even more desirable and attractive in the eyes of all. She is a vocal supporter of women’s rights and has campaigned for all education improvements in her own nation, which is very backward. She is royalty in every sense of the word. Hence we do not admire her only for her beauty but for her generosity and kindness too.

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